about vieja | English


In 2006, the "vieja" project started as a fashion design line of the select store "r-りん(rin)" in Kyoto, Japan. When the line was started, we had gained retail experience of 3 years. In the beginning, most of the "vieja" project's works were constructed of re-made and deconstructed designs. We had many opportunities to see unique and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces from Europe, North America and Japan.

In 2008 A/W, opened an atelier/showroom space called "4F parallel". Vieja, then, became a design house of Kyoto.

We are an unconventional fashion house. We are not only fashion, but also collaborate with many kinds of artists, to produce creative projects.
Each trip that we take around the world, inspires us with a new concept. To us, vieja's meaning is "journey". Truthfully, vieja means "old woman" in Spanish, but it is precisely this concept of the "wise" and "experienced" that has inspired us to interpret this as a journey.
The most important aspect of our fashion is conceptual expression.
Story, Narrative, Harmony, Sympathy, Life-style and Design: these are the words we live by.