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r (RIN)

re-couture, re-fit and re-create......

This is reincarnation. Yet, it is not a reincarnation of repetition. Rather, it is a reincarnation of continually new creations.

Spelled "r" and pronounced "RIN".

2003, in Kyoto Japan, we opened as a conceptually inspired, selective boutique.

We carried our original design line "vieja" and "sympa" but also selected and picked by hand the cream~of~the~crop of vintage and antique pieces from all across the world such as Europe, North America and Japan.

We always offer the full service of styling, vintage and contemporary fashion resourcing to the public.

Business hours: 12:00-20:00
days off irregular

523 tennshojimae-cho,nakagyo-ku,kyoto.JAPAN.
tel +81-75-212-2136